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Billboards-4-Rent.com integrates mobile billboard advertising and event marketing with Jumbo Screen Technology, Webcasting,  SMS TEXTING, Proximity Marketing and Guerrilla Promotions. Our mobile and portable billboard services seamlessly blends these resources into a captivating and innovative promotion that attracts consumers of all ages to react and take advantage of special promotions being given.

We provide Affordable, Portable and Highly Visible Mobile Billboards and Jumbo Screens. We help our customers take their special event to the next level by turning their events into powerful revenue generating promotional opportunities. By integrating our special “Advertainment” programs we can help venues and event sponsors get more out of their messaging by integrating promotions using mobile devices, print-at-home coupons,  dynamic content, raffles, mobile video games, scavenger hunts, and branded programming that is fun, educational, entertaining and that creates a BUZZ before, during and after the event. This unique combination of services provides excellent marketing reach and many opportunities to connect with audiences, gather feedback, and gauge response in a clever, non-intrusive way.

For over 12 years our company has specialized in providing mobile advertising, field marketing, consumer promotions, event management, theatrical production and a wide range of cutting-edge services for branded events. We want your consumers/audience to feel like they have just been uplifted, involved in, and entertained. All the while we are inspiring them to remember your message and call them to action, visit your store,  buy your product, log-onto your web site, or even tell a friend about your offer. Our programs are specially designed to incorporate the marketing needs of both local businesses and large national brands trying to connect consumers on a local and personal level.

Our goal is to take any event to the next level by introducing a level of strategic and coordinated marketing with fun and dynamic programming. Using our high resolution outdoor Jumboscreens, we can combine live feeds and interactive marketing techniques for concerts, pep rallies, movie nights, tailgate parties, sporting events, radio remotes and fundraisers that are professionally coordinated and result oriented so that the event is spectacular, memorable and profitable. Getting the audience to participate in the branding experience and impacting revenues is truly where the skill comes into play. This is what we do. It’s what we are passionate about and it’s a way of life for us. We have the right experience and equipment to execute memorable events that create relationships, build brand equity, and create revenues.

Jumbo Live Components & Text Promotions

Our jumbo "live" components is a unique “text to screen” technology, which allow guests  and the audience to participate in Live Chat, Trivia, Scavenger Hunts and Voting Surveys centered around custom themed promotions that are displayed on our Jumbo Screens.

Our innovative text messaging promotions and Jumbo Screens enables guests to not only text message you, and vice versa, but we now can have guests send MMS pictures from their phone up to the Jumbo Video Screen(s) or Movie Screens. Yes, everything is filtered and screened before it hits the screen for public display. Of course the biggest advantage of all this is the Mobile Marketing feature which lets you collect all the cell phone numbers of those participating at your venue, so you can send them promotional messages in the future or just have a better way of monitoring your events and promotions.
How do we do help our customers?

  1. We look at the overall marketing plan for the event and find ways to blend entertainment, showmanship, humor, themes, brand messages and the visual impact of our jumbo screens in a way that captivates the audience, gets them involved in the “show” and connects with them.  
  2. Secondly, we look for ways to use our mobile marketing expertise and media skills to increase awareness of the event in the community and drive more traffic to the venue.  
  3. Thirdly, we look for ways of enhancing the event with local and national brands as tie-in partners if possible. Adding strategic marketing partners and community service groups is an excellent way to create goodwill in the community, make a more spectacular event and draw more people. It’s a win-win situation.

Local Sporting Events, Parks and Recreations Departments, Golf Tournaments, Church and School Fundraisers are excellent opportunities to connect with the community and to generate advertising revenue from tie-in sponsors.  In every community there are many little league sporting events, soccer games, High School Football games and community events, fairs and festivals that can become profitable promotions. With Billboards-4-Rent as part of your team,  we maximize your exposure to monetize your event. Call us today to learn how you and your group can benefit from our National Advertising and Sponsorship Revenue Programs (888)708-5558.




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